About Us

About the Church

Romanian Orthodox Parish was founded for this purpose exactly: to bring the faithful closer to God and to unite them at the same time. That is why we are involved in several humanitarian projects and even more. Because that`s how it has to be, we have to give back from what we`ve received. Not all of us are equally blessed with material things, necessary things to survive. Some of us need your support.

From the Church

This is the House of the Lord and everyone is welcomed in it with open arms. You are not alone, and you have never been. Even in the most difficult times God was with you and gave you the strength to continue and to overcome any obstacle, no matter the difficulty. And one of the reasons why we exist is to glorify Him, to pray to Him and to be united as a unitary whole because that`s what God wants us to be: to always be near to each other.

Our Mission

Belief in God got us united and brought us here. Dedication to our fellow human beings has made us want to help. United we managed to do them all. The love in our souls made us see around us, and the desire of not see so much suffering made us ambitious. Everything here was done thanks to Father Dan Ghindea, a priest who started everything from scratch, everything built here is due to him. He has united us; he advises us and still sees.

The Father was consecrated by bishop Iosif of Paris in 2008 and has served a lot of cities in England over the years. And now the time as come to move to his home, the home where everyone is welcome and the place where each believer is helped.

At the time of his consecration, the following words were said to him: “Go and do what you can!”. And that`s what he did! He did everything out of nothing, only with the help of the Lord. Now is the time for you to do what you can, to increase our community, to alleviate our longing for home and to know happiness.

                God help us all!”