After 8 year from the inception of the Church, together with the first parishioners, we have evaluated our future objectives and took into consideration the best option in registering the Church with the UK authorities. It has become apparent that our Parish needs to purchase a place of worship of our own. In order to facilitate this, it has been decided to set up a charity with clearly defined aims and objectives, recognized by the UK authorities.

On Sunday of Orthodoxy, 20th of March 2016, our parish officially began raising funds for the acquisition of the first Romanian Orthodox Church for all Est Midlands (Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln).

On September 15th 2017 the parish gained the status of Charity with the name of “Ramanina Orthodox Church for Nottingham & East Midlands (ROCNE)”. Registration number of our charity is 1177060.

Year 2019, is the year in which we want to fulfill one of the objectives of our foundation/charity, namely to have our own church. To buy the church, besides much payer, it takes patience and knowledge to operate with the financial mechanism used in the United Kingdom, such as, for example Gift Aid fiscal operations.

If you would like to financial support our charity please donate using the bank account details provided to the left of this page and mention the word GIFT AID DONATION.