Christ overcame the world. His victory consists in having created His own Church. In the midst of vanity and poverty, weakness and suffering that pervade human history, He laid the foundations of a “new being.” The church is the work of Christ on earth; it is the image and the abode of His holy Presence in the world…. .7: 39). The Holy Spirit descended once and for all. This is a frightening and impenetrable mystery. He lives and dwells unceasingly in the Church… By seeking and receiving the Holy Spirit we become God’s in eternity. In the Church our salvation is completed; sanctification and transfiguration, the deification of human nature is accomplished.
In the Church humanity passes to another plane, a new way of existence begins. A new life becomes possible, an authentic, full and perfect life…
In contemporary Russian theology, Metropolitan Antony rightly stated: “The existence of the Church cannot be compared to anything on earth, for on earth there is no unity… Only in heaven do we encounter such a thing. The church is a perfect, new, special existence, unique on earth, a unique one, which cannot be defined exactly by any conception taken from the life of the world. The church is like the existence of the Holy Trinity, a resemblance in which many become one. ”
The church is the living image of eternity in time. The experience and life of the Church are not interrupted or overcome by time.
One of the historians of the Russian Church gave a very successful definition of the unique character of the Church’s experience. The church does not give a system, but a key; not a plan of the City of God, but the ways to enter it. It can happen that someone gets lost because they don’t have a plan. But everything he will see, he will see without an intermediary, he will see directly, it will be something real for him; while the one who studied the plan risks being left out and not really finding anything.

Fr. George Florosvki “ The Church, Scripture, Tradition – The Living Body of Christ“ Platytera Publishing House, 2005